Iraqi Red Crescent teams distribute food and relief aid to more than 130 families affected by floods in Salah al-Din.

Many families are still suffering from the damage caused by floods and torrents in their areas in Salahuddin governorate and in spite of more than 30 days have passed on the crisis, the water levels in Tigris river are still rising steadily due to the release of water from the dams after reaching the maximum of storage, while the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) are still continuing to provide food and relief aid to the displaced families that affected by the floods. 
Where the relief teams of the IRCS in the governorate of Salah al-Din have distributed food parcels and relief items such as (Set kitchen, sanitary set, and blankets) to more than (130) families affected by floods who are living in the villages of (Hawija Raja, Rabeida, Grim) in Alalam district, and the emergency teams of the IRCS  are also continuing to be in the shelter camps for families who left their areas due to the destruction that hit their property and their houses as a result of floods, as well as monitoring the high levels of water in the rivers,where the teams have recorded the rise of water Tigris in the villages of (Masjek, Jerish, and Al-Qadiriyah) that located on the banks of the river and the teams of the IRCS have warned families and take precautionary measures in anticipation of an emergency. 

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