Iraqi Red Crescent teams organize awareness programs on violence against children in Salah al-Din

The Children are considered the weakest part of any community  due to the lack of physical and psychological growth, wars and conflicts have played a major role in influencing this group and changing the psychological behavior and children’s feelings of deprivation, especially that human behavior is determined in the early years of its inception.
The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has focused on the children segment through organizing psychosocial  support and health awareness programs as well as awareness programs on the  domestic violence against children, which is one of the most widespread forms of violence in communities that are under economic pressure and lack of  education and cultural awareness.
Where the IRCS ‘s teams have organized psychosocial  support and health awareness programs for the children of displaced families in Dream City Complex and Al Shahama camp for the displaced people, they included activities and recreational activities such as (children’s day, group games, psychosocial unloading sessions), adding to deliver health awareness lectures on violence Against children and their negative effects on community , and the number of beneficiaries are  more than (40) children and (52) of displaced families.

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