Iraqi Red Crescent teams organize technical activities for peaceful coexistence in Babylon.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has organized a number of technical activities for peaceful co-existence such as drawing on the walls of a number of schools in Babil governorate. The aim of the program is to spread the culture of peaceful coexistence among the members of the community and to focus on the use of arts and talents as means of communication and maintaining the relationship, enhancing social cooperation and working within one group, also rejecting negative ideas and habits and spreading positive values among all segments of community.
Where the IRCS`s teams in the governorate of Babylon have organized the drawing activities on the walls of schools in the governorate in preparation for the new academic year, including the center of the province and a number of districts and areas in order to encourage the students to study and perseverance and spread the spirit of cooperation among them and focus on upgrading the community in line with the global cultural, educational and technological development.
The program promotes the creativity among the volunteers and participants through their participation in a creative art that contributes positively to their community and seeks to build an advanced generation. 

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