Iraqi Red Crescent: The floods caused damages to more than 60 families in Diyala governorate.

During the last two days, water levels have been raised in Diyala governorate because of heavy rain wave that hit the country of Iraq, where the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) have recorded the damage of more than 60 families who are living in Abara township in Baquba district after the villages of( Huweder, Dawai, and shafta) have been swept by rain torrents that located on the sides of Diyala river.
The teams of the IRCS have been managed to provide relief and food assistance, adding to assist them to save their properties, they have also in cooperation with civil defense teams and Abara township directorate in Baquba district established a dust barrier on the sides of Diyala river in the areas that water levels have been raised in the rivers and it is expected to be exposed to floods.
The IRCS`s teams are continuing to monitor the rising of water level in Diyala river and implementing field visits for the threatened areas with floods, adding to distribute awareness folders regarding floods risks to families who are living in the beach areas at khanakin and Baladroz districts in Diyala governorate.    

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