Iraqi Red Crescent: The humanitarian challenges in Fallujah increasingly difficult during the battles there

During the security situation that taking place in the city of Fallujah and its surrounding areas since the outbreak of the fighting six days ago, the humanitarian situation has become more difficult inside the city and surrounding towns.

During the past three days, more than 700 families took advantage from number of safe corridors provided by the Iraqi security forces, in order to get the civilians out of combat zones. The survivors has told their humanitarian suffering that they faced during their stay in their villages which recently witnessed a violent armed clashes, one of them was Abu Ahmed Al-Fahdawey said “Our village has witnessed during the past two days a violent clashes, but we were able to escape through the road that provided by the Iraqi security forces reaching to the camps”.
While Abu-Assad, a displaced man with his family, added “The humanitarian situation that we had was very bad, thanks to God we were able to get out of our village and resort to secure place (Iraq camp)”, the camp which recently installed to receive displaced people from Fallujah, although differing estimates in the number of civilians who are still inside the city.
The IRCS has demanded conflicting parties the need to preserve the lives of civilians and to ensure their safety, and to prevent them from the damage caused by the war.    Since the beginning of military operations and till now IRCS did not record casualties cases of among civilians, while IRCS has created two centers to relief displaced families and to assist them during the state of emergency adding to respond to their needs. And during the last three days IRCS was able to shelter more than 500 families in one of the camps near the city of Ameriyat Al-Fallujah. Muhannad Hamid one of IRCS volunteer there said “the IRCS’s teams received 700 displaced families from the surrounding areas of Fallujah and helped in assisting them and distributing ready food meals and another dry meals to all of them, while other 500 families were sheltered in (Iraq camp) and been provided by relief, either others have sheltered to their relatives in other scattered areas”.
Within the intensification of fighting and its approach to the city center of Fallujah, the expectations is growing regarding the influx of newly displaced persons, the matter which caused IRCS to intensify its mobilization to get ready to other cases of displacement, Ahmed Kadhum, the head of Operations Management at IRCS, said “the scale of the humanitarian challenges increase due to increase in the number of displaced families, thus, we are enhancing our capabilities relief in order to cover the needs of these families. We have provided enough aid and assistance to more than 2,500 families, because we expect the arrival of large numbers of displaced people in the coming days”.

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