Iraqi Red Crescent: The mobile medical clinics are continuing to provide health support for the families of the old Mosul city.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) at the mobile medical clinics have continued to provide health support for the families in the old Mosul city as their residence neighborhoods lack the medical centers because of the damage that affects its infrastructure as a result of the events that the city has witnessed.
The IRCS has said that the teams of the mobile medical clinics have continued to provide the therapeutic and medical services to more than 190 patient cases every day which distributed on the neighborhoods of the Old City of Mosul, where the IRCS`s health teams have also provided consultations and therapeutical and medical services at Al-Mansour medical center on the right side of Mosul, also the IRCS`s teams have distributed 90 waste container in the neighborhoods of the right side of Mosul in order to promote the health reality in the city.
In the same context, the IRCS`s health teams have organized psychosocial support program for children in Talafar district at one of the child kindergartens, the program included a number of recreational activities and an open day for the child, adding to provide psychosocial discharge sessions, where the number of beneficiaries has reached more than 80 child.    

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