IRCS puts a plan for Ashura visiting in Karbala and Al-Najaf governorates

Iraqi Red Crescent Society puts a plan to visit the tenth of Muharram in Karbala and the holy Najaf governorates ,  included (13) Medical Detachment to provide first aid to visitors , distributed in both of governorates, including (9)medical detachments in the holy of Karbala and (4) in Al- Najaf  to provide better ambulatory services for visitors in addition to distribution mineral water in participating  of a large number of staff and volunteers from Al- Najaf and Karbala branches.
Where as the staff of Karbala branch puts an integrated plan to serve the  visitors during the visit of Ashura. And  published (120) volunteers and (60) an associate coaches on the immediate aid and equipped with (100) stretchers , ( 9 ) medical detachments distributed in the Al-hindya district ,  and puts  (2) medical detachments to serve the visitors in the way of Babylon – Karbala and at Ain Al-tamer also( 2) medical detachments and the rest in the city center. “In the same context, the staff  of Al-Najaf branch erect( 4)  subunits ambulance first includes (18) tent to provide first aid with the participation of (180) volunteers and a large number of branch staff and the detachments distributed in different areas of the governorate , the first detachment near  AL-Imam and the second near the Kufa mosque , third detachment near the shrine of Awlald al-Kadhim in the district of Manathira and fourth detachment nearby  Hussienieh Mr. Jaffer in Mashkhab district  and  all the detachments working from  early morning on Saturday, the first of November for a period of three days in order to provide the best medical and therapeutic services for the  visitors and Husseini processions as well as providing mineral  water. It is said that the Iraqi Red Crescent Society is working to serve the visitors in all religious events throughout the year through the set up ambulatory detachments to provide medical services for visitors.


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