(Mayden Akram) a crippled girl from Alanbar displaced four times after the kidnapping of her father to state in a mosque in Baghdad:

Baghdad /Mohammed alkhuzai

Suad Salman whom she lived in one of towns of Alramady city (Alanbar governorator center) used to provide her only daughter ( at the age of eleven years old) the continuous  health care since she had Quadriplegia from her childhood, she hope the condition of her daughter getting better although the doctors confirm the impossibility of her recovery, despite of her illness but she had a part of stability in her house in Alsoofya town while her father was attempt to ensure her special needs and medication to enable her to adapt with her disability but that was not stay to long because of the kidnapping of her father in the first part of this year with the increasing of the violence operation which made no choice to the mother and daughter only pickup their things and leave their house and displaced  to Alfarge area and stay in a school.

Suad said” after the kidnapping of my husband I became the only sustainer for her and I tried to provide her with her needs with all the possible ways and I haven’t decided to leave my home because of my disable daughter and it’s too hard to ensure the healthy environment out of our house but the fight threaten our lives and forced us to escape”
Unfortunately the violence operation reached to the school that they stay on it after a short time which forced the mother to carry her daughter and walked along distance in the middle of epileptic seizures that catch her from time to time because the mother forget to bring the drugs of the daughter since the dangerous  environment around her, the tight of weight  the girl  forced her to stop while the leads forced her to escape and between this and that her power exhausted.
She add “the fight this time reached to the school that we stay on it with other families and forced us to leave and I became with one choice which is carry my daughter on my shoulders  and leave towards the unknown and I can’t bring the drugs of my daughter  because the terrible situation that we live in, the epileptic seizures increased and because of that we can’t stop and we can’t stop because the rash leads”a family from thousand (the mother and her daughter) can reach to IRCS camp in Ameeria Alfaloga.
IRCS volunteer provide the needs of housing, foods, water and physical support   and with what Alanbar notice in the last period of the violence action which caused to displaced (100 thousand citizen) more than 5000 family in Baghdad  Suad and her daughter was one of these families and the stay in one of the masque in Baghdad.
IRCS volunteer help Mayaden by provide her with her needs and adapted with her condition. Mayaden dreaming with the return of her father and hopes with the warms arms of her father since her mother did not told her that her father go on the way of unkown.


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