More than 15 thousand citizens has displaced to Musaiab district and the Iraqi Red Crescent teams provide them relief assistance

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) announced that more than 15,000 citizens has displaced from Anbar governorate to Musaiab district (Northern of Babylon) as a result of the security situation.
The Assistant Secretary General for IRCS Mohammed al-Khuzai said “that IRCS teams registered more than 15,000 displaced citizens to Musaiab which is the only exit for the families of al-Anbar governorate next to Ameriat Fallujah because of the violence that taking place in their cities”.
Al-Khuzai added that “hundreds of displaced families are living in a dificult humanitarian conditions, so the local government in Babylon enter these families as groups to the general garage of Musaiab in order to be transferred as groups to the capital Baghdad due to the fact that the Babylon has no ability to accommodate the number of displaced as it is home to more than (13,500) displaced families previously from the governorates of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar”.
Al- Khuzai also said “IRCS teams in Babylon have installed rest stations for the displaced people and distributed food, water and juices for them, while the work of IRCS relief teams is still going to provide food and relief assistance despite the difficulty they face because of the intensity of displacement and the big number of families, as well as the arrival of these families at once so it requires to provide basic needs like water and food for the displaced families rapidly”

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