Operating three desalination plants in Nineveh.

Under the supervision of the Iraqi Red Crescent teams in Nineveh Governorate, three (RO) desalination plants were installed in a total of three hospitals in the city of Mosul, and the process was implemented in collaboration with the Swedish Red Cross and the Norwegian Red Cross.
 The Director of the Water and Sanitation Department of the Society, Nawar Abdul-Qader, has confirmed that the water and sanitation department/Nineveh branch of Iraqi Red the Iraqi Red Crescent, supervised the process of operating the three above mentioned (RO) plants in Mosul.
He went on to say that the first plant, located on the right side of the city at Mosul General Hospital, has a capacity of (10,000 litres/hour) and serves more than (800 people), while the second plant, located on the left side of the city at Ibn Sina Hospital, has a capacity of (2000 litres/hour) and serves more than (300 people).
He also added: In order to stay healthy, periodic water tests have been completed to ensure its purity and suitability for human consumption; however, these stations will secure the needs of drinking healthy drinking water in the three hospitals mentioned.
On the other hand, the Iraqi Red Crescent teams, in cooperation with the French Red Cross, continue distributing potable water to families who return to their residential areas in Sinjar district, whereas the distribution included the following areas: (Darkit qolah, Kura T’ahaa, Kharab Rasihk, Tobal, Bedel, Wari Behdo, Khader Taala). However, the total amount of distributed water reached (64,000 litres), to more than (197) families.

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