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IRCS has distributed 3500 food parcels with cooperation of Zain Iraq company.

Many food parcels has been distributed by IRCS to the most vulnerable families in several governorates with cooperation of Zain Iraq CO. .This activity is a traditional effort which IRCS implemented every Ramadan month in every year and targeted the vulnerable families in all parts of Iraq .This distribution is according to a plan prepared in advance where 3500 food ...

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IRCS has implemented several health activities and campaigns in Al-Najaf

IRCS / Al-Najaf branch has implemented several health campaigns in order to aware people from communicable and cancerous diseases in Al-Najaf governorate .The branch has formed a team from the branch volunteers whom implemented field visits to Shuma’ Al-Ghad , Naft Al-Waset club , Al-Ataba Al-Alwiya , and Dar al-Dawlah for orphans as well as to hold womanly group in ...

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Iraqi Red Crescent Society distributes food rations to the needy families, and implements a number of activities in Sulaymaniyah

The Iraqi RC/ Sulaymaniyah branch distributes food assistance and aid to the needy families in Khabatt locality – Sulaimaniyah governorate, as this distribution cames after an initial questionnaire by a special team formed for this purpose in order to register the needy families and evaluate their needs and insure them. Cadres from Sulaymaniyah branch carried out first aid sessions to ...

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IRCS has distributed more than 2000 food parcels to vulnerable people in Al-Najaf in Ramadan month

In Al-Najaf , IRCS / Najaf branch has distributed food assistance to vulnerable families in Al-Najaf districts and sub districts on the occasion of Ramadan month , this distribution based on pre –questionnaire of vulnerable families to provide their needs and secure them during the blessing month of Ramadan . This procedure leading to form a working group to distribute ...

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