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IRCS registers displace of more than 1000 family from Anbar to Baghdad

IRCS declares registering displace of 1200 family from Anbar to Baghdad distributed in North of Al-Tajee and Abo ghareeb . The assistant secretary general of IRCS Mohammed al –Khuza’e commented on that by saying : ” that IRCS teams distributing humanitarian assistance to more than 1000 family displaced from Anbar to Baghdad and dwelled in public places , schools , ...

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Iraq Red Crescent society distributed humanitarian aids for (400 families) in Ta’emem Area / Al- Anbar governorate

IRCS announced on distribution food and non-food aids for (400) displaced families ( who displaced from Albofaraj to Al-Ta’emem Area/Al-Anbar governorate). The staff of IRCS still continue in providing food and non food items for the affected families • IRCS/Headquarter send food and relief items to Al-Anbar governorate for the displaced/affected families.

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After fire attacking on our teams in Falluja , IRCS distributes more than 1500 food and relief ration in Anbar and Falluja

IRCS declares continued sending of food and relief assistance to Anbar as a result of ongoing events there . The assistant secretary general Mohammed al-Khuza’e commented on that by saying : ” IRCS teams that spread in Anbar and Falluja distributing more than 1500 food and relief ration to affected families in Al-Khalidiya , Heat , Sufiya , Shara’ ishreen ...

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