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IRCS implements different awareness campaigns in Al –Mouthanna governorate


IRCS / Mothanna branch has implemented Explosive Remnant of war Awareness campaigns ( ERWA ) in different areas of Mothanna governorate and they included delivering ERWA lectures and erecting billboards in areas of ( Mishwak , Qushla , and Al- Syeagh ) in Al- Samawa and other districts of Al-Rumatha , Warka’ , and Al- Salman . As well as ...

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IRCS has distributed Eid ( lesser bairam ) clothes to orphan children in Diwaniya


Eid clothes and gifts have been distributed by IRCS , about 100 gifts distributed to children in their residential areas with the participation of Al- Zahra’a charitable society for orphans care . The distribution lasted for three days and with the participation of four volunteers ( the distribution covered the city centre, (Al-Sader , Al- Shafa’iya , Sumar districts ) ...

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IRCS / Mothanna branch has distributed 1300 food parcels and more than 2000 fast breaking meal


Mothanna branch has distributed 1300 food parcel to vulnerable families . This distribution covered all districts and sub districts of Mothanna and it implemented by the participation of Zain Iraq company representatives , during that 100 food parcel has been distributed in Al-Soer sub district / Al-Ghanim village . On the other hand , the branch staff distributed Aftar meals ...

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The Iraqi Red Crescent Society sends 1000 relief rations and distributes food and hot meals to more than 7,000 Syrian refugees in Fayshkhabur area


The Iraqi RC sent a relief materials and food to the displaced families from Syria into Iraq across the border crossing Fayshkhabur. The Assistant Secretary General for the Iraqi RC Mr.Mohammad Al-Khuzai said That “Iraqi RC sent 1000 relief rations and dispatched hot meals to the displaced families as well as formed a committees to follow up the posses of ...

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Iraqi Red Crescent Society signed memorandum of understanding with Lebanese Ministry of Health to provide medical services for the Syrian refugees with chronic disease .


The president of Iraqi Red Crescent Society , Dr. Yaseen Al-Ma’emuri has signed memorandum of understanding with Lebanon Ministry of Health Ali Hssan Khaleel to present medical services to the Syrian refugees with chronic disease. the memorandum aims to provided medical services to reinforce the capacity of health centers which provided services to the Syrian refugees. The amount of assistance ...

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