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The Iraqi Red Crescent distributes disabled wheelchairs and organizes first aid workshop for volunteers in Karbala Governorate

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) / Karbala branch, distributed wheelchairs for disabled and special needs people from those who suffer from inability in the lower limbs and paralysis. As the staff of the branch distributed a number of wheelchairs for the disabled and organized courses on psychosocial support for them. In a same context, the cadres of IRCS organized ...

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IRCS distributes wheelchairs at elderly home in the Governorate of Babylon

The Red Crescent Society of Iraq (IRCS) / Babylon branch, distributed wheelchairs and supporting back to the disabled and those who in elderly home in the special needs care department at the governorate due to their need for it to support them while moving, as the house has a large number of elderly and infirm. The IRCS teams provide psychosocial ...

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IRCS in Erbil receives 217 Yazidis who were detained by armed groups

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) in Erbil received (217) Yazidi were detained by the armed groups since the fall of Mosul till now. The Assistant Secretary General for IRCS Mohammed Al-Khuzai said that “IRCS teams in Erbil received (217) Yazidis were detained by the armed groups since the fall of Mosul”. He added “the detainees told IRCS that they ...

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