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IRCS : More than 2000 family displace from Tel a’fer to Sinjar

IRCS has declared the displace of more than 2000 family from Tel a’fer to Sinjar . the Assistant secretary general Mohammed Al-Kuza’e commented on this by saying ‘’ IRCS teams have registered displace of 2000 from Tel a’fer to Sinjar , adding : ‘’IRCS teams have distributed more than 2000 food and relief parcel and meals to displaced people from ...

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Iraqi Red Crescent :the number of displaced people increased to (300600) in provinces of Kurdistan Region

Iraqi Red Crescent Society Declar that the number of displaced people  increased to (300600) from Mosul to the Kurdistan region. IRCS Assistant Secretary-General mr. Mohammad Alkhozai “that IRCS teams recorded entry of (300600) displaced people from Mosul to Erbil and Dohuk governorates, adding that the (150) thousand displaced people entered the province of Dohuk, distributed into several areas, including (Akre and ...

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Recent Humanitarian situation forces 300 000 individuals to leave their houses toward Kurdistan Region

As a result to the recent situation in Ninawa governorate (second biggest governorate in Iraq and Baghdad the Capital) and after the control of the armed groups on the whole governorate, thousands families leave their houses toward the near Kurdistan Region where thousands of women, children and old people have been flocked. Iraqi Red Crescent Society forms Operation Cell through ...

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