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Iraqi Red Crescent hold a celebration for orphans and opens courses to teach the art of sewing for widows in Nineveh governorate

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society / Nineveh branch, held a celebration for orphans in the Alasdair tourist games city in Nineveh governorate that included many events, the celebration come in order to raise orphans morale and bring the joy for them where the gifts distributed to them. On the other hand, staff of the branch also carried out a course ...

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The Iraqi Red Crescent Society distributes financial grants and food assistance to the families of terrorism victims in the district of Al-Tuz

The Iraqi RC / Salahuddin branch distributed financial grants to the families of terrorism victims in the district of Al-Tuz, as well as distributed food parcels to those families, while this distribution come in order to provide psychosocial, moral and material support to the families. The cadre of the above branch conducted field visits to the village of camps where ...

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IRCS made maintenance for (RO) stations in Baghdad and the governorates

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society conducted maintenance for its (RO) stations, as the cadre of Iraqi RC (Engineering Department) followed up the working of (RO) in the villages of (Al-ja’arh, Amemah, Alshakat, and al-Wardia area in Baghdad), which has a capacity of 3 cubic meters / hour per station with number of beneficiaries of more than 1,000 people. Another (RO) ...

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IRCS organized health campaigns against communicable diseases in Baghdad

IRCS has implemented several health campaigns to raise awareness of cancerous diseases , cholera , and typhoid diseases in Baghdad and other governorates . The campaigns included lectures on dieases, the ways of infection , and the prevention from them and they ( campaigns ) covered the state employees , IRCS employees and volunteers , civil community organizations , school ...

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Iraq Red Crescent distributes food and relief assistance to more than five thousand Syrian refugee family in Jordan

Via IRCS bureua in Amman and with the cooperation of Jordanian Red Crescent Society , IRCS has distributed food and relief assistance to Syrian and Iraqi families in Jordan where the number of benefited families reached ( 5000) syrian family and ( 150) Iraqi family . The distribution included relief assistance to syrian refugee families in Ajlun governorate and with ...

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