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Iraqi Red Crescent provides first aid and medical assistance to more than 3 million Iraqi and foreign visitor during the occasion of Arbieiniat Imam Hussian (peace be upon him).

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) has provided medical assistance and first aid to more than (3) million Iraqi and foreign visitors. The IRCS has reported” The IRCS teams have provided health, medical and first aid services to  3233650 Iraqi and foreign visitors in the governorates of (Baghdad, Karbala, Najaf, Babil, Muthana, Basra, Maysan, Dhi Qar, Wasit, Diwaniyah, and Diyala) during ...

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In three days, Iraqi Red Crescent provides health services to 600,000 pilgrims of Imam Husayn

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced the provision of health and awareness services to more than 600,000 foreign and Iraqi pilgrims for Arbaeen commemoration of Imam Husayn (peace be upon him) through IRCS detachments that deployed on the roads of pilgrims. IRCS teams have provided various health services and treated convulsions, wound, and burns, as well as transferring ...

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The Iraqi Red Crescent’s stuff gets ready to provide a humanitarian and medical services to the visitors heading to Karbala to commemorate the visit of fortieth day (Arbaeen) of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

The Iraqi Red Crescent society (IRCS) has announced the completion of installing camps with first aid and medical detachments in the governorates of  Karbala, Najaf , Basra, Diwaniyah , Dhi Qar along the roads which leads to the holy city of Karbala to receive the visitors traveling (on foot) to commemorate the fortieth day (Arbaeen) of Imam Hussein (peace be ...

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