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The Red Crescents’ teams visit a number of hospitals to see the conditions of the wounded of Karrada bombing, and provide psychosocial support for them.

The Iraqi Red Crescents’ teams have visited a number of hospitals in Baghdad to see the conditions of wounded of the Karrada explosions to provide psychosocial support and meet their needs. The Crescents’ teams have visited burns department at the Medical City, martyr Ghazi al-Hariri Hospital and Kindi Hospital to see the conditions of wounded who have asleep in those ...

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The Iraqi Red Crescent condoles victims’ families of Karrada and helps in providing psychosocial support and first aid to the wounded of explosion

With deep sorrow and grief, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society condoles the families of the victims of painful tragedy that led to death dozens of Iraqis in the holy month of Ramadan, which caused the sorrow and pain in the hearts of mothers, wives, parents, children, brothers and sisters who have lost their beloved ones in the bombing of Karrada ...

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