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IRCS organizes entertainment festival for orphans children in Sader City at Baghdad’s

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) / Baghdad branch, organized entertainment festival for orphans children in Sader city. As the staff of the branch installed a large camp (in one of the schools) for the festival that included various recreational activities like painting and games in order to bring them a joy, also there were lectures on psychosocial support given ...

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IRCS has distributed food assistance and organizing banquets to vulnerable people in general governorates in Ramadan

Food assistance has distributed to vulnerable families , widows , orphans , and persons with disabilities by IRCS in the following governorate : • Kirkuk In Kirkuk , food assistance has been distributed by Kirkuk branch staff to vulnerable families and widows in Ssona kuly and the distribution based on questionnaire by special committee of branch employees and volunteers to ...

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IRCS has distributed more than 6000 food parcel to vulnerable families in Babil and Al-Najaf

Food parcels distribution to vulnerable families based on questionnaire implemented by Babil branch in order to evaluate and register the needs of those families ( the number of food parcels reached 3300 ) and covered( Al-Hashimiya , Masiyab , and Mahaweel) districts . On the other hand , Al- Najaf branch has also distributed food assistance to vulnerable families ( ...

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