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Iraqi Red Crescent denies receiving financial aid and food assistant from any ministry or directorate service to help the displaced families from Anbar, except receiving two billion Iraqi Dinars from council of Ministries.

Iraqi Red Crescent Society has denied what said in the local media for receiving financial support from some of Ministries and institutions or directorate to help the displaced families from Al-Anbar except receiving two billion Iraqi Dinar from council of Ministries. Adding, “The IRCS has provided food and relief assistant to the displaced families from Al- Anbar from its own ...

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Iraqi Red Crescent society: The number of displaced people from Anbar has increased to over than 23000 families since the beginning of the events until the current time

This declaration announced by Mr. Mohammed alkhuzai – assistant secretary general of ircs saying “that the displaced person s currently residing schools and public buildings, most of the displaced actions was internally between reigns (alzwaia, alnassaf , al bualwaan, almohamda, al moshahda, alfullahat, aljaffah, alsaqlawyia , alazragyia, huuoah, alb hawa, al naameyia , alkolle, alcece, alsajar, alshahabe, mogamaa 7kilo, hay ...

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