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Iraqi Red Crescent Organizes Sports Activities for Youth in Tal Afar district.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is seeking to support the displaced youth and those who have returned to their liberated areas through the rehabilitation programs for this important segment of the community by spreading the culture of peaceful coexistence and establishing the spirit of tolerance and to maintain the link between them.   On the occasion of the return of ...

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Iraqi Red Crescent Society : humanitarian situation in north Iraq is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of the flow of hundreds of thousands of displaced people and the growing their needs

Sinjar, hundreds of families have to refuge to Sinjar Mountain after dominated of armed group on the city after dominated of armed group on the city of Tal Afar and a number of other cities in Nineveh , thousands of civilians have to refuge to the city of Sinjar, where the small city packed with thousands of displaced families in ...

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IRCS: An armed group detained more than 100 family in Tala’fer airport after being taken from Sinjar, killing all the men , and dragged a number of Alaesideat women as Captive

Iraqi Red Crescent Society declared that gunmen detained more than 100 family all of them are women and children after killing men at the airport of Tal a’far. Assistant Secretary General of IRCS , Mohammad Al- Khuza’e commented on that by saying : ‘‘ we received information about gunmen detained more than 100 Shiite , Christian , and Yazidi family ...

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