(IRCS) Bulletin issue..((2)) 26th October 2016 Wednesday

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The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is an Independent, volunteer-based National Society that cxzsxcworks to alleviate suffering for all. We are also an auxiliary body to public authorities/government when responding to humanitarian needs. However, we maintain our independence from authorities and function as an autonomous, apolitical, non-partisan organization. our interventions alleviate the suffering for all, in accordance with the movement’s fundamental principles since 1932 Programs Relief, First Aid and health services , WATSAN , Dissemination and IHL, Youth,RFL and ERWA Our Fundamental principles humanity, independence, impartiality, neutrality voluntary services, unity and Universality .The IRCS main structure distributed on the 18 governorates includingthe capital Baghdad , 93 offices, with human power of 7530 volunteers 2195 staff beside our offices in Amman .Beirut and Tehran


The second big governorate in Iraq with estimated 5.5 million population from different ethnic and 4564sectarian origin living in harmony till 10th June 2014 when ISIS militants took control of the city center and surroundings,almost half of the population left in large waves of internally displaced people or refugees toward safe zone inside Iraq and neighboring countries respectively ;yet almost 1.5 million still inside city center suffering severe agony and deprivation with high unemployment rate and bad economy as part of ISIS policies beside terrorism After long preparations the Iraqi governments started the liberation operation joined by international coalition to salvage the great ancient city from ISIS oppression on early hours of 17th October 2016

The Crisis Cell Team (CCT) of the Iraqi Red

5555Crescent Society ended its visit to Erbil to review the777 preparations for the Mousl Humanitarian Response; During the visit the CCT inspected warehouses and storage of the food and non food items and new ambulances that are added to the service.
To ensure the best response the CCT re-visited the local authorities (Erbil Governor) and the UN complex to meet the OCHA and the WHO teams for ensure cooperation with the humanitarian actors and discuss preparedness and response for the Internally displaced people waves in all possible scenarios.

The new IDP s waves in Mousl Liberation Operation18th October 2016

tttt23rd-25th October 2016 Zeilkan camp in Duhook

35 Families escaped from Basheqa district and were received at Zeilkan camp in Duhook by the IRCS team whom immediately provided them with food and non-food items. The displacement continue and it reached 50 families  (206 person) ,twenty two of them received First Aid medical services beside distributing the relief items, ready meals and food baskets

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