The Iraqi Red Crescent distributes food and relief aid to more than 150 poor families in Maysan.

 Based on its humanitarian principles, the Iraqi Red Crescent seeks to achieve the social solidarity of the most vulnerable groups in the community by supporting and assisting the poor families especially the people with special needs by providing a large part of what these families need from food and relief aid. 
Where the relief teams of the IRCS in Maysan have distributed food parcels and relief items to more than (130) poor families who are living in the suburbs and the center of Maysan governorate which is 14 food and relief items per family,  and the distribution have done after a pre-assessment  to identify the numbers of  families and their needs. 
 The IRCS teams in the districts of the Maysan have distributed food and relief aid as a first stage to more than (20) families who are living in (Alkhala and Qal’a Salih districts), and the distribution continues to include as many as possible families in the governorate. 

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