The Iraqi Red Crescent distributes food and relief aid to more than 340 returnees families to their area in Baiji district.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has distributed food and relief aid to more than 340 returnees families in Baiji district.
“The IRCSs` teams have distributed 345 food parcels and 345 health kits to the families who have returned to their areas in the districts of( Tal al-Zaatar, Al-Askari district, and Al-Resala in Baiji, the teams are continuing to distribute to all the displaced families that have already been surveyed and covered with food and relief aid. “, said Mr.Hyder Qassim the relief official of the IRCS in Salahaddin.
“The IRCSs`s health teams have also provided daily medical, therapeutic and psychological support services through field visits to the families who have returned to their areas and the displaced families who are living in Al-Alam and Al-Qadisiyah compound in the governorate.,” Qassim added.

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