The Iraqi Red Crescent: increasing the number of displaced to reach more than 20 thousand people and the Red Crescent teams are making extraordinary efforts to relief them

Since the beginning of military operations and the outbreak of fighting at Fallujah, and the waves of displacement which accurse after that from inside and outskirts of the city, the number of displaced people has reached more than 20 thousand people and the Red Crescents’ volunteers seeks to do all their abilities to meet the needs of displaced people, they were able to help more than (14) thousand people through providing food, water, bread, and food parcels to these families. The teams of Red Crescent are continuing to alleviate the suffering of displaced people.
A number of volunteers have implemented psychosocial support and first aid programs for displaced people. Muhannad Hadi, health program and psychosocial support teamer said “since the beginning of the events at Fallujah, we have formed health team consisting of 22 volunteers and staff who are trained to provide psychosocial support and health education, adding to implement workshops of first aid, we also have teams can provided psychosocial support, health education, hygiene and first aid workshops targeted displaced families in  Ameriyat Al-Fallujah camps, the number of beneficiaries from health services was more than 6 thousands displaced people.
The Women and children are formed the main target of psychosocial support operations which aimed to help the displaced how to adapt in social in the new situation, and to treat trauma that they suffered due to the difficult humanitarian conditions which they live.
Um Ahmed, a mother of three children said in this regard “after we were able to escape from Fallujah through safe ways provided by the Iraqi army until we been sheltered in Fallujah camp, I and my kids were suffering from unknown destiny and where we’re going. Thanks to God, after we been sheltered in this camp and we found the Red Crescents’ teams distributing food and water for displaced in the camp.


About Iraqi Red Crescent Society

An independent national humanitarian society that works to reduce the suffering and pain of people without discrimination during the peace and war , natural disasters and non-natural disasters , it is also considered one of the most activist societies in the international movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The work of the society depends on the principle of voluntary work which considered the base in IRCS work , that the voluntary service is embodied the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent international movement which considered volunteers the basic block in the society work , that the voluntary relief doesn’t work for any interest or seek for any profit .

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