The Iraqi Red Crescent is adopting a treatment for 25 medical conditions for the poor families outside Iraq.

Based on the humanitarian principles of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS)  and the implementation of its health programs in providing medical and therapeutic assistance to the patients of the poor families, the most vulnerable categories in the community and the handicapped.  
 The IRCS has announced that it will pay for the treatment of 25 medical cases sent out of Iraq, The IRCS has sent 25 patients of the poor  families to the neighboring countries for treatment at the expense of the IRCS and performing operations for patients in difficult cases who do not have treatment inside the country of Iraq, and those who submitted their requests to the IRCS by filling out special forms and the procedures have been taken, also  addressing the concerned authorities on them since the beginning of this year (2018) and so far.
The IRCS has set up a special committee for treatment at its expense, and the IRCS`s teams have received the medical reports for each case, paving the way for communication, dispensing appropriate treatments and monitoring cases before and after treatment for the purpose of completing the required procedures regarding their cases,  and taking the necessary procedures for travel and informing the patients through the available means of communication, preparing medical reports, and facilitating the travel procedures for patients with their loved ones.  

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