The Iraqi Red Crescent teams provide food and relief assistance to families affected by the rain in Najaf.

The governorate of Najaf has subjected to heavy rain which caused high levels of water in the low sea of ​​Najaf and resulted in a number of houses being besieged in that area, where the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS), the civil defensive teams and service departments have  rushed to rescue the trapped families in the brick factories near the village of Al-Nour, and worked to evacuate the families using rescue boats and vehicles.
where the teams of IRCS in Najaf have visited the affected areas to assess and provide the important needs of the affected families and distributed relief items to 35 families, the conditions in those areas were under control  and there are no human losses, only material. 
On Friday, the heavy rains that hit the governorate of Najaf has led to an increase in water levels in the sea area, which led to the collapse of dirt berms on some shoulders of the low sea of ​​Najaf, also led to the sinking of a number of houses and factories.


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