The Iraqi Red Crescent: the number of displaced families from Fallujah rises to more than 850 families since the beginning of operations there

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced the rising in the number of the displaced families from the outskirts of Fallujah to more than 850 families till now. The displacement is continuing day after day to the Kemiawy area southern of Ameriyat Al-Fallujah which has more than 25 camps of the displaced families.
In the same regard, IRCSs’ relief teams has conducted field survey for the displaced families and has recorded their needs in order to provide them with it, IRCS has also prepared a number of ambulances, psychosocial support teams and health teams so that to conduct visits to those families to provide them with health and psychosocial support.


About Iraqi Red Crescent Society

An independent national humanitarian society that works to reduce the suffering and pain of people without discrimination during the peace and war , natural disasters and non-natural disasters , it is also considered one of the most activist societies in the international movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent. The work of the society depends on the principle of voluntary work which considered the base in IRCS work , that the voluntary service is embodied the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent international movement which considered volunteers the basic block in the society work , that the voluntary relief doesn’t work for any interest or seek for any profit .

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