The Iraqi Red Crescent: The rain forced hundreds of displaced families to flee again

The wave of heavy rains that recently fall has led to floods in Baghdad, in which the water has covered the majority of the city’s streets and caused extensive damage in the property of local people and forced many of them to leave their homes temporarily. These rains has led to flooding many camps of displaced people and made them flee again, meanwhile there were questionnaires done by teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent in Baghdad refers that four camps housing more than 1,400 displaced people have been significantly affected,  teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent were able to evacuate most of them to public places.
In Anbar, the Iraqi Red Crescent’s teams in collaboration with a number of government and civil agencies evacuated more than 1,000 families from some camps like (Bazbez, al-kemawey and Al-amal al-manshwd).
Mr.Ahmed Kadhim-the head of Disaster Management in the Iraqi Red Crescent said “The Iraqi Red Crescent teams has mobilized its efforts and worked with full abilities in order to control the situation and to evacuate and assist the displaced families in the camps that have been severely damaged, and that its tents has destroyed in Baghdad and Al-Anbar, the matter that led to increased human suffering”.
While Um Mohammed, a displaced from Anbar to Baghdad said “We live in camp, and it is the only one for our haven, but the rains flooded it and made us look for another place, but the Iraqi Red Crescent intervene and they sheltered us in one of the mosques.
At the same time, the floods in the Iraqi-Iranian borders (province of Diyalah) led to sink a large number of villages and farms, adding to a large number of houses has been fall, and trapping a large number of the population as a result of roads being closed in the border town (Gazzaniah).
The Red Crescent’s teams has forced to implement relief operations by air and were able to deliver food, relief and health assistance to more than 150 families, and at the same time the Iraqi Red Crescent-Diyala branch organized relief campaign to distribute food assistance to more than (1600) displaced families in Khanaqin, Khalis, Baqubah and Balad Ruz camps.


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