The president of the Iraqi Red Crescent Dr. Yassen Al-Mamouri participates in establishing a new body in Turkey called ” The Red Network” to coordinate between the Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations.

The president of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS)  Dr. Yassen Al-Mamouri has participated in the meeting of Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations in Istanbul in order to establish a new body called ” The Red Network ”  which gathers between the Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations in the region of Islamic cooperation organization, for the purpose of joint coordination, and more than 50 countries have participated.
After the announcement of establishing the Red Network during a press conference held at the end of the meeting, the president of the IRCS Dr.Yaseen Al-Mamouri has said that this network will be an effective tool in order to alleviate the suffering of people from the members of this network, Dr. Yaseen has clarified that we find the suffering in a lot of countries and the disasters that affect the surrounding countries for their geographical and historical connection, and the movement of refugees heading towards the region, He also added that unifying the efforts in one direction will lead to efficiency in facing the crises.
The president of Turkish Red Crescent Mr. Karim Kinik has said ” We are the Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations in the region of Islamic Cooperation, we have met to form a network between us and nearly 50 societies have participated in the meeting over two days, the result of the meeting is that the member’s countries and the participants have decided to establish the red network between them.
Mr. Karim Kinik has also said that the National Societies aim to increase the cooperation between them and increase the exchange of information, also finding the common solutions regarding sharing the sources and concerns, at the same time using the influence of the humanitarian mechanisms and put it in the agenda.
Karim has referred that the membership system will be through the Islamic cooperation organization and the other international organization can take part in it, the network members will meet every two years, all the decisions will be through an executive committee of 9 members , the secretary will provide support to this structure, and all the rest of the details will be provided later.
The president of the Islamic Committee of International Red Crescent Mr. Ali Bohadma ” We are pleased with the outcome of the meetings at the invitation of the Turkish President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the network is offering greater cooperation among the societies”, He also said that there are not only crises and disasters, but there are silent crises, we are as a governmental organization, believe that the network is a good support for us, and we will support it, and this is the premise that we have worked on. 

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