The role of the Iraqi Red Crescent`s feminist organization in improving the woman`s situation.

The women’s organization of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is concerned with the reality of  the Iraqi woman and defends their rights to equality in all fields, also seeks to achieve the standard of living that appropriate to them, adding to create proper job opportunities, in addition to health rights, which are not limited to the right to receive treatment and provide medicines, but to take care of their own health needs because of the difference biology from men. Among the most important rights emphasized by the organization is the safety of women from harassment, domestic violence, customary violence, and others.
The IRCS`s women’s organization has carried out many activities and events in order to improve the reality of Iraqi women in all fields, adding to establish a number of shopping centers for products provided by women heads of households, where the organization of such centers aims to support the category of women heads of household and encourage them to work to improve their income.
In the field of health and psychological, also there are many activities implemented by the IRCS`s women’s organization, including giving awareness lectures on the importance of early screening for the prevention of breast cancer, which scares women, making them not review a specialized doctor, which necessitated implemented several awareness activities and a state the importance of early examination and review of the specialist doctor.
As for the psychosocial support provided to women, the volunteers of the IRCS are conducting continuous field visits to the camps for the displaced and the houses, as well as workplaces where the female element is concentrated, where awareness-raising and guidance lectures are given on domestic violence, marriage of minors and violence against children, in addition to raising the level of health education Through the community health programs that the women’s organization joins in awareness campaigns in several places.

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