The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent are conducting a field survey for the affected families due to rain for a number of governorates.

Many areas in Iraq have witnessed heavy rain which led to floods in the governorates of Salahuddin, Diywania, Basrah, Maysan, and Wasit, the floods have caused damages in the houses and the public properties for the citizens.
In Salahuddin, the local authorities have evacuated forcibly 100 families in the villages of Al-Musahak adjacent to Tigers river and shelter them in the tent, adding to most of them have returned to their relatives in Al-Zuweya area.
In Diwaniya, the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) have recorded the damage of more than 80 houses in the areas of Al-Hamza Al-Sharqi, Efah and Shameya, where the relief teams have provided support to those families.
In Basra, the IRCS’s teams have distributed food and relief items to more than 250 affected families due to the rain in the areas of Fao, Abi Al-Khasib, Al-Fedaeya, and Al-Qurna.
While in Maysan, the IRCS’s teams have started a campaign to distribute food, relief and health items for thousands of affected families in Al-Jadawel village at Sayed Mohammed township south of AlMaymona district.
The above-mentioned campaign, which came after the previous field visits organized by the IRCS, where the floods caused great damage to houses and property in the village above, where 3 houses fell and caused the siege of more than (83) houses in addition to the interruption of roads leading to it.
Iraqi Red Crescent teams are still closely monitoring the conditions of rivers and floods to provide food and relief support to affected families.

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