The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent are rescuing more than (60) protesters and members of security forces in wasit governorate.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has rescued and treated more than (60) people from protesters and members from the security forces as a result of the clashes that occurred between them in Wasit governorate. 
The IRCS has said in a statement: “The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent in Wasit governorate have recovered and transported more than (60) injured  from the demonstrators and the security forces, after the escalation of confrontations between the two parts in the centre of Kut city.”
The statement has  added: “The injuries varied between wounds, burns and suffocation due to inhaling the tear gas, and (7) critical cases were transferred by the IRCS’s ambulances to Al-Karama Educational Hospital.”
 Meanwhile, the fixed and mobile medical detachments of the IRCS are still spreading to the whereabouts of the protestors  and the sit-in squares in order to remedy and the field briefing in any urgent situation that may occur. 

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