The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent complete the installation and operation of a water desalination unit in Thi Qar.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has completed the installation and operation of water desalination and filtering unit in Al-Bathaa in Thi Qar governorate.
The IRCS has reported in a statement that its teams have completed the installation and operation of the water desalination unit at Shakhara village in the district of Al-Bathaa west of Al-Nasriya city because of the inability of the people of to get potable water, which forced them to rely on rivers to provide potable water and irrigation.
The statement has added that the water desalination unit which installed by the IRCS is a unit for the purification and sterilization of quick water installation, represented by units (M5 _M15) and in a capacity of up to (20,000) liters per hour, it was installed depending on several criteria such  as the source of water, the number of people and the appropriate place to install it and operate it.
The IRCS has set up four water purification units in Basrah governorate as part of a program and a pre-prepared plan to install 24 water purification and desalination units, including 8 stations in the governorates of Muthanna, Qadisiyah, Thi Qar, and Maysan, in order to provide the potable  water for thousands of families which their areas suffer from severe crisis in clean potable water, which reflected negatively on their livelihood and health condition. 

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