The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent distribute health aid to more than 900 vulnerable and displaced families in Baghdad and Salah al-Din.

The program of distributing relief and health aid implemented by the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) continues throughout the governorates, with the geographical area of distribution spreading to Baghdad and Salah al-Din governorates.
The IRCS has reported in a statement: “The IRCS`s teams in Baghdad governorate have distributed (143) healthy sanctuaries for the needy and displaced families who are living in slums in the area of (Al Rasheed Camp) and (Nabi Younis) Compound for the IDPs in Nahrawan and Awirij camp for the displaced, the distribution is continuing to include the largest number of poor and displaced families after conducting a field assessment carried out by the IRCS`s teams in the governorate.
In the same context: “The Iraqi Red Crescent teams in Salah al-Din have distributed (831) health set for the poor and displaced families who are living in ( Alteen neighborhood) in the district of Tikrit, the distribution has done after conducting an assessment for the numbers of poor and displaced families, also identifying their needs in order to cover it for them”

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