The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent distribute relief and food assistance for the affected and poor families in Babylon and Muthanna.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society ( IRCS ) is working to care and assist the affected and poor families as a result of the natural and unnatural disasters.
The teams of the IRCS in Babylon governorate have distributed food and relief assistance to more than 80 poor families after conducting a prior assessment in a number of areas in the governorate in order to know the numbers of the affected families and their needs, the distribution is going on in order to cover all the registered families.
In the same context, the teams of the IRCS in Muthanna governorate have visited the affected families due to the rain torrents that swept their areas, where the teams have distributed food and relief assistance to more than 30 affected families who are living in the villages of ( Sied Alawi, Al Barakat, and AlNageres) in Al-Samawa district, also the IRCS relief teams have coordinated with civil defense teams in Muthanna governorate they have drainage flood water that swept the villages, adding to assist the affected families in rescuing their property and provide medical assistance and first aid to them.   

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