The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent distribute relief and food assistance for the affected families in Maysan villages.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society(IRCS) have been managed to relief a number of families in Al-Adel township south of Maysan that has been exposed to torrents because of heavy rain which led to the drowning of their houses and properties and no human losses have occurred.
The teams of the IRCS have installed 4 camps to shelter the families, adding to distribute relief and food items for them.
In the same context, the IRCS`s teams have conducted field visits to the areas of Marshlands in Ali Al-Sharqi district in order to check out their conditions and rise their awareness after a series of warnings from water resources directorate to the families to leave their houses during the next days because the opening of Al-Musandak dam located between Shiekh Saad area and Ali Al-Gharbi district.  

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