The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent distribute relief and food assistance to more than 130 families affected by rain torrents in Diyala.

The rising in water levels in Diyala river has led to the damage of many families who are living adjacent to it and the displacement of a lot of them to safe areas after thier agriculture lands and houses have been sunk by the floods which caused significant material losses without human casualties.
With the continuation of floods crises and its risks, the IRCS is continuing to assist the affected families that thier houses and properties have been damaged by the torrents, where the relief teams of the IRCS have distributed relief and food assistance to more than 130 families who are living in the villages of ( Howeder, Dawai, Khan Alowalwa, and Kharnabat) that adjacent to Diyala river after conducting an assessment of the numbers of families and identify thier needs, also the health teams have distributed health set for every family, adding to provide medical, psychosocial and therapeutical services. 

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