The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent install water purifying unit in Mosul hospital and fixing a number of units in Babil and Basrah.

The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has completed the installation and operating water purification unit (RO) in the general hospital of Mosul city.
The IRCS has reported in a statement ” The teams of the IRCS in Nineveh governorate have installed an operated water purification unit (RO) in a capacity of 10,000 liters per hour in the general hospital of Mosul city in order to provide the purified water for the Dialysis center and the operation section in the hospital, also the teams have installed a new pipe network in order to complete the work of the above-mentioned unit.
The teams of the IRCS have also fixed the water units (RO) that have been installed before in the governorates of Basrah and Babil, they have replaced (filters) and fixing reservoirs and purification systems in order to obtain clean water of high quality as well as the continuity of the work of the stations to serve the largest number of families benefiting from it.  

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