The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent organize psychosocial support programs for the displaced and the returnees families to the areas in Saladin

As part of the psychological support programs provided by the teams of the Iraqi Crescent (IRCS) to the displaced families and the returnees to their areas of residence, the IRCS`s health teams in Salah al-Din have distributed 11 wheelchairs for people with special needs to disabled displaced families who returned to their areas of residence in the governorate, adding to deliver lectures on family violence and the definition of psychological consequences and the negative effects of it, as it targeted families returning to their areas of residence in the district of Tikrit, also the displaced families who are living in (Al Qadisiyah and Dream City Compounds for the displaced), where the number of beneficiaries has reached more than (60) people, adding to implement entertainment activities such as (Free of charge, psychological discharge sessions, gift distribution) for the children of the displaced families in order to alleviate their suffering and enable them to live in safe conditions and a decent life after returning to the areas of their homes from which they were displaced. 

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