The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent organize the program of reducing the phenomena of children escaping from schools in Nineveh governorate.

The phenomena of children escaping from schools and the child`s labor are an educational and social case spreading day after day even though the continuous calls to prevent it, this phenomenon is linked to the role of the family and the abandonment of its responsibility towards their children and forced them to work or beg to help them financially while many poor families are unable to provide for the minimum needs of their children, also there is an intellectual pattern in some families that they find the education is ineffective so they force them to work and make them escape from thier schools, also deprive them of the right of education.
One of the main reasons for children dropping out of school is the low standard of living due to high unemployment rates, as many children turn to the labor market in order to increase family income and because their families are unable to spend on them.
In order to contain the above-mentioned phenomena and reduce it’s spreading especially in the areas that most of the families suffer from the low standard of living, the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) in Nineheve governorate and within the IRCS`s activities have organized a program in order to reduce the phenomena of the children escaping from schools, the program included delivering many awareness lectures for the displaced families in the camps, the lectures also included the future social risks that caused by depriving children of education and force them to work and begging, the IRCS`s teams have also implemented field visits to a number of public areas and making interviews with children who have escaped from schools in order to rehabilitate them socially and psychologically commensurate with their intellectual and age levels to encourage and motivate them to get back to school.     

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