The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent provides relief aid for the affected families from rain torrents in the middle and southern governorates.

Although the rain has stopped but the damage caused by the floods continues to affect many of the areas hit by rain torrents, which caused the displacement of many families whose houses and properties were flooded, calling on the relief teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent to continue the ruthlessness of families and to provide the necessary food and relief aid, in addition to the IRCS’s teams have participated in cooperation with the civil defense teams in the drainage of rainwater and rescue the property of families trapped by the floods.
Where the relief teams in Wasit governorate have provided food and relief aid for more than 60 families affected by rain torrents which swept through remote areas close to the rivers. The IRCS’s teams in Babil governorate have continued to distribute food and relief aid as part of an emergency plan to support the families affected by the floods in the governorate, the food and relief aid has been distributed to more than 80 families affected by floods in the governorate.

In Maysan governorate the IRCS’s teams have visited the areas near the rivers, which are expected to be affected by the rain, and they also have distributed introductory folders as a precautionary measure. These visits are part of the precautionary measures which the IRCS seeks to preserve the lives and property of the families inhabiting those areas..


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