The teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent rehabilitate a number of schools in Diyala and Basra governorates.

Within the efforts of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) to rehabilitate the old and affected schools in order to reduce the suffering of students and to be ready to cover what they need of educational environment which suitable for studying in order to increase their brain ability and the educational level.
In Diyala governorate, the teams of the IRCS in cooperation with Norway Red Cross have established a new hygienic for 5 schools in the villages of Baladroz and Khales districts, also the IRCS`s teams have installed new 26 caravans for health services inside the schools and connect it with health water web and supply it with refrigerators and water desalination and filtering units, the IRCS`s teams have supplied the schools with health items, cleaning tools, and rubbish container, all that has done after the teams of the IRCS have conducted a prior field survey to learn about the numbers of schools and evaluate its needs to be included with the rehabilitation.
In the same context, the teams of the IRCS have rehabilitated a number of schools in Basrah governorate to be ready to receive the students, where the volunteers of the IRCS have replaced and establish a new hygienic, installing water desalination and filtering units and installing water tanks in a capacity of 1000 liters in every school, adding to paint the walls, fixing doors and the study seats also provide it with rubbish container.

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