The volunteers of the Iraqi Red Crescent are organizing a campaign to clean up the streets of demonstrations in Maysan Governorate.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) / Maysan branch has organized a wide campaign to clean up the squares of Protest from the trash, within a wide humanitarian initiative to keep the streets of the governorate clean and decent, this campaign came coinciding with the start of massive peaceful demonstrations at the streets of Maysan governorate for the sixth day, more than 35 volunteers and staff have participated in the above-mentioned campaign which covered a number of areas such as the entries and the middle of Maysan and the Basrah highway where the gatherings of protesters.
In the same context, the teams of the Construction and sanitation section in the IRCS have distributed 232 folders which included instructions that pay close attention to the cleanliness of all neighborhoods and areas of the governorate.        

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