The volunteers of the Iraqi Red Crescent helped more than 3 million visitors in Karbala.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has announced the completion of the Arbaieneia ceremony plan, in which more than 2000 volunteers have participated in 100 fixed and mobile detachments, adding to deploy a number of ambulances and two mobile medical clinics which contains a number of doctors in many specialties, as well as deploying a number of tracing centers on all routes taken by visitors,  the number of people assisted by the IRCS was 30,935,855. 
Most of the cases that have been rescued were divided among injuries caused by long distances, in addition to the treatment of chronic conditions, the volunteers have also organized clean-up campaigns in the governorate of Karbala and they removed more than two tons of waste with the participation of 500 volunteers. 

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