To avoid water shortage crisis in summer
Iraqi Red Crescent rehabilitate 34 water units in Al-Muthanna.

In Al-Muthanna Governorate, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has rehabilitated several water units and supply them with new pumps.
‘’ The IRCS`s teams have completed the project of rehabilitating and maintaining (34) water units and supply them with (36) new pumps of various sizes for pumping liquefied water to the units located on the banks of rivers in the districts and suburbs of Muthanna Governorate, in cooperation with the Norwegian Red Cross and funded by the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid”, said Mr. Nawar Abdul Qadder the head of structure and rehabilitation section in the IRCS.
Mr. Nawar has added that the units had been suffering from poor production and sustainability of their work due to their old age and lack of maintenance for a long time, necessitating their rehabilitation and replacing their outdated pumps with new ones that are larger and more efficient, allowing them to increase the hours of water supply and improving the purity of the water.
Abdul Qadir has emphasized that the pumps installed in the units are of solid international origin, type (kabrari) Italian-made, and will help to alleviate the problem of wastewater shortage that the residents of Muthanna districts and sub-districts suffer from, these pumps are equipped with protection systems to maintain them and ensure that they continue to perform for as long as feasible, In addition to replacing (90) of the osmosis membranes (filters) designed for water purification and desalination.
Nawar has also stated, “A field assessment was conducted in advance in coordination and cooperation with the Al-Muthanna Water Directorate to identify the number of units and their needs to be included in the rehabilitation project and to equip them with new pumps.”
The pumps distribution map was as follows: City Center in Samawah 6, Al Khader 10, Al Rumaitha 14, Al Suwayer 3, Al Darraji 1, Al Majd 1 and Al Najmi 1, adding to install a system of water desalination and sterilization in Abu Al-Lum village in Al-Salman district, and the number of beneficiaries reached more than 5,000 people.

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