Torrents swept Mosul city and the teams of the Iraqi Red Crescent rescue the besieged families.

The city of Mosul has swept by a heavy rain wave which led to the damage of a number of neighborhoods also the private and public properties, also the roads have been cut because of the collapse of a number of bridges, the relief teams of the Iraqi Red Cresent have rescued and evacuated the families that besieged by rain torrents and aid them in saving their property, more than 60 families have affected who are living in AlRashidiyah area which adjacent to Tigris river.
The IRCS has formed additional urgent teams and conducting a field survey for the affected areas in order to know the damages and providing relief and food aid for the affected families.
The IRCS`s teams have also organized awareness programs about the risks of floods in Nineveh governorate, the programs have included delivering lectures in a number of schools and the public institutions, also making direct interviews with the people and distributing folders that warning from the risk of floods and how to deal with it when it occurs. 

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