Two brothers with one liver
Ten years after it was conducted , the Iraqi Red Crescent is following the first liver transplant operation in Iraq under their sponsorship.

Although ten years have passed since conducting the first liver transplant operation in Iraq, the doctors of the  Iraqi Red Crescent are still following the case of the only patient who underwent a liver transplant, on the 29th of November 2011, a specialized medical team performed the first surgery in Iraq for a liver transplant, Dr. Laith Raof a gastroenterologist said ,“The first liver transplant in Iraq was sponsored by the Iraqi Red Crescent in coordination with Dr. Assad Hassoun, head of the liver transplant department at San Francisco Hospital was succeeded in the hospital of Zain in Irbil after many preparations for more than six months.
 The Doctors have performed a crippling operation for a citizen (Ahmed Fadel Ahmed), born in 1990 from the city of Kirkuk, and another for his brother (Jihad), who donated part of his liver to save his brother, and their efforts were successful after two complex operations that lasted for long hours, and the two brothers got a full recovery in record time.
 Ahmed got married after the operation and had two daughters and still lives in the city of Kirkuk, the doctors are still monitoring his health condition until now. Ahmed says, “Without this difficult surgery performed by the doctors under the care of the Iraqi Red Crescent, he would not have been alive now and therefore I will live the rest of my life grateful for all efforts that helped me, the moments were very difficult because the first person to undergo a similar operation in Iraq was me and the donor was my brother’’. 

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