Wasit and Maysan are most affected by torrents and the Iraqi Red Crescent mobilizes its relief teams to provide shelter, food and relief assistance.

Iraq has recorded during the current winter the highest rainfall compared to the last ten years which resulted in floods and torrents that led to the sinking of a number of villages in the governorates, especially Maysan and Wasit had the largest share of the damage as the floods caused the flooding of many villages and the collapse of dozens of homes which forced the families to displace.
The rapid intervention of the Iraqi Red Crescent (IRCS) aims to alleviate the suffering of the affected people by the floods after causing great damage to the public and private property. After forming a crisis cell by the IRCS and mobilizing all its human and material resources and using the strategic storage, the IRCS`s teams are still continuing to assist and relief the affected families day an day out, also more than 1,500 tents set up so far and distributing thousands of parcels of food and relief items to affected families in Maysan and Wasit.
The teams of the IRCS have provided food aid to more than 4,300 affected families in the areas of Al-Maymunah, Mashreh, Al-Salam, Ali Al-Gharbi and Al-Baitira in Maysan Governorate, which was hit by floods and torrents and rising in the water level. In Wasit, the IRCS`s teams were able to provide food and relief assistance to more than 400 families in the villages of Sayed Bal’out, Al Boudraj, Al-Farasah, Jaber Al-Sayeb and the center of the governorate, especially the families who are living near the Tigris river basin in the governorate.
The teams of the IRCS are still deployed in various governorates in order to provide food, relief and health support to the affected families, adding to monitor and follow up the high levels of water in anticipation of an emergency.

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