Water scarcity at Babylon Governorate causes an increase in the suffering of people while the RO stations of the Iraqi Red Crescent witnessing turnout to get drinking water

Due to the declining of water levels in the governorates of central and southern of Iraq, the matter that causes flitting citizens’ access to get drinking water. The residents of Babylon Governorate has forced to leave the farming and selling their cattle, in time of warnings of worsening the crisis and the migration of farmers from their farms. Abu Ala’a, one of the farmers at Nile district said “The water shortage has forced farmers to leave agriculture, which threatens the loss of livelihoods of hundreds of villagers in the governorate who are directly dependent on the agriculture in their livelihood”.
While Ahmed Hussein added, “a lot of cattle owners were forced to sell it as a result of water scarcity, noting that most of the residents at the villages of governorate are depending on agriculture and cattle, but because of rivers drought the farmers were not able to get water for agriculture that forced residents to sell their cattle and to leave agriculture. Regarding drinking water, most of these villages rely on the Iraqi Red Crescent’s (RO) stations”, in addition that many of the water liquefaction stations that provide citizens with drinking water are no longer work because it depends on the rivers.
On the other, the Iraqi Red Crescent’s (RO) stations are witnessing a crowd of citizens to get drinking water due to the fact that these stations are the only which able to meet the needs of the citizens from drinking water as it rely on well water.
The Iraqi Red Crescent has installed 6 (RO) stations in different villages at the governorate so that to provide drinking water for more than 25 thousand citizens every day. The head of Iraqi Red Crescent/Babylon branch said “The Iraqi Red Crescent provides drinking water for many residents of the villages in the governorate via 6 (RO) stations which works to meet the shortfall which caused by stopping of water stations of the government”.


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