With the participation of more than 2000 staff and volunteers
Iraqi Red Crescent installs more than 100 ambulatory detachment to provide the medical and humanitarian services for the visitors to commemorate the Arbaienea ceremony of Imam Hussien (peace be upon him).

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has prepared a strategic plan for the Arbaienea ceremony by providing all the human, material and logistical requirements in order to prepare to receive the visitors and provide medical and ambulatory services and transfer the emergency cases to the nearest health center through ambulances deployed on all roads taken by visitors, the IRCS`s teams have also installed fixed and mobile medical detachments distributed at the entrances and exits of Karbala Governorate.
The operating room has divided the work into four axes, the first axis of Karbala center: where 13 medical detachments were erected with the participation of 330 paramedics, the second axis, on the road to Najaf-Karbala: where four detachments of 140 paramedics were installed, while the third axis Babylon – Karbala: where five medical detachments were installed with 100 paramedics, the fourth axis was Baghdad-Karbala: four medical detachments were installed with 80 paramedics.
The IRCS has mobilized all its vehicles, including load and transport vehicles in addition to 26 ambulances deployed on all roads leading to the city of Karbala to transport the emergency cases to the nearest hospital. 

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